Insight in care

NUTSHELL is a market research agency, with the aim to accelerate innovation in healthcare.

We are excited about the disruptive changes that are taking place in today’s health care system:

1. Personalized medicine are more effective with less side effects, because of their focus on specific mechanisms of action in the body.
2. Mutly disciplinairy care networks are the result of increasingly specialized doctors and concentrated care in centers of expertise.
3. Shared decision making gives the patient a voice in treatment decisions, resulting in a more appropriate balance between quantity and quality of life.


‘Navigating’ each patient towards the optimal treatment becomes increasingly challenging.

We streamline the multidisciplinary care paths for personalized medicine.

To ‘match’ each patient with the optimal treatment, insight in the different steps within the care network is a prerequisite. From presentation and diagnositics, to referral and treatment. 

We unravel carepaths. By going out in the field and talking to doctors, nurses, patients and anyone else involved, we give insight in the context and considerations behind each decision in the care path.

Based on these stories from daily practise, we create an actual map of the care path, with identified bottle necks. What are the underlying barriers and which levers should be pulled to streawmline the access to optimal treatment for each patient?

Healthcare expertise

We focus exclusively on healthcare. WE know our way within the Dutch care system and are up to date with the latest developments. We speak the language of the care givers, know the precesses, rules and regulations.

Our roots in pharma ensure an understanding of the challenges and tools that come with launching new medicine.

This combination makes our conversations with care givers truly insightful.

In-depth understanding

We consider care paths as a chain of human actions and decisions.

Only when the needs of the involved healthcare professionals are truly understood, it becomes possible to add value and make a difference.

This is why our methods are purely qualitative, originating from antropology and design research. By careful listening and sharp observations, we learn to see the perspective and needs of the caregivers.

Inspiring, actionable insights in a nutshell

We believe that the success of a project depends on three aspects:
1. Gathering the right strategic insights,
2. Bringing these insights to live,
3. Inspiring immediate action.

Therefore, we present our findings ‘in a nutshell’: to the point and readily applicable. We use visual diagrams, pictures, life quotes, raw research materials and film.

This way, we inspire your team by giving a view ‘through the eyes of the docotor’.

Clients of Nutshell